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Auto Repair Technicians

We have an opening for a qualified and motivated Auto Repair Technician.

We recognize that our auto repair technicians are the most valuable asset in the shop. they keep our customers vehicles safe and reliable and we keep them happy by compensating fairly for their experience, efficiency, and high quality work.

We currently have opening for the two following positions:

Master Technician

Pay Range: $70,200 - $163,800/year

A Master Technician should be confident in their ability to diagnose any problem on most vehicle makes and models. Each vehicle is given labor time for inspection purposes. There is a pool of additional labor time that can be used for customer courtesy jobs or additional diagnostic time needed so you never end up working "for free".

Repair Technician

Pay Range: $57,200 - $115,000/year

Repair Technicians are expected to perform service and repair procedures and are compensated for that skill level. Service and Repair procedures are compensated on typical Flat Rate from the Labor Guide, with appropriate modifications.

Benefits of working for our team include:

  • Health care compensation options.

  • PTO and Sick Pay.

  • Simple IRA 401K with up to 3% employer match.

  • 4 day work week option for qualified self motivated technicians, spend more time doing what you enjoy outside of work.

  • Compensation for contiunued training and ASE testing.

  • Kitchen that is kept stocked by shop with Drinks and Foods of your choice.

  • Access to shop after hours for personal use by qualified individuals.

  • Weekly pay checks, no more waiting to get paid for the work you perform.

  • Quality Uniforms that are comfortable, choose your fabrics.

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