The Mobile Mechanic Mistake

I just want to take a moment to share a few recent stories I have from some recent clients.

The first was a woman who hired a mobile mechanic to service her A/C system. The mechanic came out to her house and tried to replace the A/C Compressor. He charger her over $1,000 for the job, and in the end he said he was unable to get it to work, and told her she would need additional parts, a hose, and more money.

She brought the vehicle to us for a second opinion, and we found he had damaged the bolts , broken the electrical connector on the compressor, and had damaged the manifold on top of the compressor. We told her we would have to replace the compressor to make it work. Since she already paid the mobile mechanic for a compressor, she decided to take it home and let the mobile mechanic try to correct the repairs.

A different mobile mechanic (from the same company) came to her home, removed the damaged compressor, and then left, with her car on jacks and the wheels off of the car.  He never returned, just left the car like disabled in her driveway. She called us to help get it towed back to our shop, and we ordered and replaced  the compressor, and repaired the damaged manifold and electrical wiring. The A/C worked perfect after our repairs. Unfortunately she had given the mobile mechanic cash for a portion of the repairs, and was unable to get a refund through the online website she had used to hire him.


The second vehicle came in today. This person had paid a mobile mechanic to come replace her thermostat. Unfortunately the mechanic did not know how to replace the thermostat, and did not solve her problem, in fact he even left her worse off then before. When we got the work he did apart, we found that he did not know how to insert the thermostat into the housing properly, and she was very lucky this mobile mechanic did not severely damage her car.

I want to share these experiences because I care about my clients, and people in general, and I hate to see people taken advantage of. It seems there is a new website that is trying to be the Uber, Door Dash, or Lyft of Auto Repair. This website is hiring anyone who can pass a simple online test. The website then links them with customers who are unaware that they have a very inexperienced mechanic headed to their house to possibly damage their vehicle and take their money. Since these mobile mechanics are hired through a website, there is no way to go after the mechanic to get your money back or fix other incidental damages.

I can understand the temptation to try and save money on auto repairs by having someone come to your house to do them. The best way to save money is to take your vehicle to an honest, reputable shop that you know you can trust.